Vivek Ashok Mohanani

Charismatic real estate stalwart Vivek Mohanani featured in GQ Magazine

Successful and Stylish are two adjectives that best describe ,Vivek Mohanani, MD and CEO of Ekta World. The man is unstoppable when it comes to achievements. Innovation and luxury are two treasure that Vivek Mohanani has been able to woo homebuyers. He recently got featured in the boisterous GQ Magazine as one man, who took the real estate sector by storm with his marvellous real estate development – Ekta Invictus. This magnificent development is best defined as home to luxury and style. This towering beauty showcases luxurious apartments that are humungous in all aspects. The spacious four bedroom apartments are class apart. Along with beautiful residences, Ekta Invictus also brings an array of amenities that pamper you till eternity.

Ekta Invictus is one of Vivek Mohanani’s most ambitious projects that has ‘benefits for homebuyers’ written all over it. Vivek Mohanani has always been clear about his real estate developments,and the homes they want to build. With a dynamic personality like his, achievements too are mammoth in size. And therefore, the flamboyant GQ Magazine couldn’t resist themselves from featuring a captivating figure like Vivek Mohanani.

Ekta World is renowned real estate company,that develops projects and are driven by luxury and innovation. The real estate company has understood the needs of homebuyers and have mastered the art of persuading homebuyers with aspirational properties. Vivek Mohanani has played a key role in developing a stream of properties that are luxurious and built to perfection. Walking in his father’s footsteps, Vivek is influenced by his father, who is a figure reckon with in real estate segment. Vivek also enjoys playing numerous sports and travel.

Vivek Mohanani roars with success, honoured with the title of ‘Young Achiever’

For some men, every day is a new celebration and another road to tread, where they spell victory. Life nurtures them with grace, but that alone doesn’t work, hard work, persistence and effort are required from men, who know how to tap on to their power. One such man is Ekta World’s CEO and MD, Mr. Vivek Mohanani, whose life has been an inspiring one. At the Times Realty Icons 2018, he was honoured with the award of ‘Young Achiever’ in the Iconic Young Achiever category. It was certainly a proud moment for him as he acknowledged the award and displayed humility while receiving it.

Over the years, Vivek Mohanani has strived really hard to bring state-of-the-art homes to buyers. With innovation and luxury at the heart of it, Vivek has been able to understand the needs of property buyers and the real estate sector. He has been instrumental in creating new waves of glory with his unique and brilliant concepts. Following his father’s footsteps, Mr. Vivek Mohanani has risen to significant heights. He follows one policy and that is – to give peace of mind to all our stake holders . It is purely because of this sole reason that Vivek has progressed so far in life.

Vivek has deeply understood the essence of the real estate sector because he is in touch with his roots and understands that homes are not only built with bricks and mortar , it is constructed with dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambition. With such clear intentions, Vivek has pierced the hearts of homebuyers. Ekta World as a real estate developer has always mastered the art of selling properties that appeal to home buyers. With a brilliant mind and creatively intuitive, Vivek Mohanani has created a top-notch position for himself and his brand Ekta World.